Media TV, radio, print media, photo press and social media.

Have the best means of telecommunication for television, radio, print and photo media

Very high speed connection solutions adapted to the requirements of image transport and real-time data for your retransmission needs.


Internet connectivity and telephone lines at your disposal for all live audio and videoconferencing retransmissions, with digital sound quality.

High quality Visio Conference solutions for interview and press conference needs.


High-performance WiFi coverage solutions for your press and technical areas.

materiel bureautique

Provision of all types of audio, video, office automation and communication equipment to recreate complete offices for your teams at the event site.

Secure my technical means from malicious attacks

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Protect your networks, IT platforms and all your sensitive applications from cyber attacks.

Access experts to provide and test appropriate services

Orange Events provides you with its Technical Lab and experts at the heart of Paris to test new technological solutions and prepare your events.