Internal seminars, general meetings, external communication events.

Successfully welcome participants before, during and after your event

appli mobile

Personalize the participants’ experience and stay in touch with them before, during and after the event by informing them in real time.

accueil inivite

Facilitez la gestion des participants, de l’envoi des invitations à l’accueil personnalisé sur le lieu de

Inform and inform your spectators or the different teams that contribute to your event by SMS or email.

Manage the access of staff involved in the event and participants through an accreditation solution.

Bring the best telecommunication means to guarantee the success of the event


High-performance WiFi coverage solutions adapted to the location of your event to allow participants to communicate.


Enhancement of mobile coverage on your site during your event to adapt to the influx of participants.


Connect all the key points of your event site to the Internet and provide Internet connectivity to all your partners and on-site service providers.

flexible storage

 Provision of audio and video control rooms, display devices, or all types of office automation and communication equipment.

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From one to two telephone lines for all live audio and videoconferencing broadcasts, with digital sound quality, to the grouping of lines for a dedicated telephone reception for your event.

Make participants actors of their event on site, remotely and energize your event

A web and/or mobile solution that allows your event participants to interact and collaborate with stakeholders, before, during and after the event.

Broadcast the event live or deferred to participants and in different sites of your company, up to 360 degrees and in very high definition.

Orange Events has a network of partners with whom we can offer you turnkey digital animations designed for you to create engagement with your event participants.

Secure your entire event

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Protect your networks, computing platforms and all your sensitive applications from cyber attacks.

Protect employees, organizers, journalists and the public by securing your event venue with video protection.