Your event

Your event

We do everything to make your event an unforgettable experience for your spectators, participants, partners, and you who organize it.


Major international sports events, sports competitions of federations, regional sporting events, e-sports.


Commemorations, events related to the agenda of French institutions, public mechanisms of the country's electoral life, official travel.


Internal seminars, general meetings, external communication events.

Congress, Fairs, Festivals

Congress, Fairs, and Festivals.


Media TV, radio, print media, photo press and social media.

Additional services

Premium Plus Service
disponible pendant votre événements pour une réactivité totale de nos équipes à vos côtés
An Event Consulting offer
pour vous accompagner très en amont dans la préparation de votre événement
Our Event Tech Lab
open to all of you, customers, in the heart of Paris, to co-develop and test new technological solutions
A self-service counter
for immediate needs whatever the size of your event

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