VKM Zoom

VKM offers facilitate the management of your event and provide you with key data to improve its security, profitability, attractiveness and notoriety.

With VKM Zoom, respect the traffic gauges for the safety of the areas receiving the public and give information on the occupation of the spaces in real time. 

  • People counting with 3D sensors at key passage points of your event, such as entrances and exits, points of sale, toilets, etc.
  • Attendance calculation and waiting time in the area
  • Data available on a web interface and APIs.
  • Accuracy > 99%.
  • Real-time analysis and alerts
  • Web App for simple and intuitive data visualization
  • API
  • Installation and commissioning of sensors
  • Collection and storage of data in the sensor and in the Cloud
  • Sensor pricing

VKM Zoom in action - "Critérium de la Première Neige"

"Less than 24 hours later, you could already see what had happened during the event, how people were moving from one area to another, when they arrived, when they left (...). All of this information that will be useful for future editions."

Pierre Hellequin, Digital manager at Val d'Isère Sport Club
VKM Zoom – Quick look
VKM Zoom flux de personnes
Load table - visitor entrances and exits

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