VKM Vision

VKM offers facilitate the management of your event and provide you with key data to improve its security, profitability, attractiveness and notoriety.

With VKM Vision, analyze the profile of your visitors, the impact of your event and the high-traffic niches. All this in order to optimize your service offers.  

  • Indicators to measure attendance in the area of your event, the geographical origin of visitors and their socio-demographic profiles.
  • Anonymization techniques in compliance with the requirements of the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority)
  • Reliable data samples from our mobile network
  • Local data on any area in France
  • Indicators modelled and then adjusted to take into account the entire population by dissociating international and French indicators.
  • Choice of study area and period of study
  • Visualization of results on a dedicated web portal
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VKM Vision Frequentation
Visitor numbers by neighbourhood
VKM Vision Provenance touristes
Visitors' origin

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