VKM Social

VKM offers facilitate the management of your event and provide you with key data to improve its security, profitability, attractiveness and notoriety.

With VKM Social, analyze the perception of your event on social networks, listen to your strengths and what you can improve following the feedback of your event participants.

  • Listen to what is being said directly or indirectly about your event on social networks
  • Tracking media publications, posts and articles that get visitors to react.
  • Turnkey device, ready within 5 working days
  • Conversations prioritized by volume, feeling and visibility
  • Measurement of customised themes for your event
  • A newsletter adapted to the rhythm of your event
  • Pre or post event reports with analysis
  • Possibility to have more precise reports: Premium / Advanced / Custom
VKM Social – Quick look
nuage de mots réseaux sociaux
Word cloud grouping posts on social media
nuage de mots réseaux sociaux
Influenceurs VKM Social
Most active influencers on social media

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