VKM Parcours

VKM offers facilitate the management of your event and provide you with key data to improve its security, profitability, attractiveness and notoriety.

With VKM Parcours, analyze and understand the flow of people at your event venue to improve the movement of people or enhance the value of certain areas to sponsors and merchants.

  • Attendance zone by zone over the whole venue of your event (days / hours)
  • Visualization of visitor movement patterns with dynamic mode routes
  • A solution that anonymously uses the WiFi traces of any operator’s mobile phone.
  • Reliable data samples from Orange WiFi networks
    Indicators “mapped” on the detailed plans of your area (buildings, floors, aisles, stands, rooms, restaurants, toilets …)
  • Analysis of visitor behaviour (loyalty, attendance time…)
  • Animated heat maps with visualization of the typical itinerary.
  • Choice of indicators to be monitored and study period
  • View results on an intuitive and secure web portal
  • Computer graphics for the interpretation and communication of your data
VKM Parcours – Quick look
Time spent by zone
Average visitor itinerary
Visitor flow by zone

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