Orange Events at the heart of the Telethon technical system

An extraordinary system

The French Telethon is, based on its sheer magnitude, the only event of its kind in the world, bringing together 250,000 volunteers in more than 8,000 towns each year. And this mobilisation pays off! This year, the Telethon will focus on the victories won in the fight against disease through all the participants’ efforts. For the 32nd year in a row, Orange Events teams have worked for several months to make the 2018 edition of the Telethon a success, with 35 call centres throughout France and the overseas territories, 13,000 volunteer teleoperators (in 2017), around 1,300 open lines and nearly 400,000 calls received at 36 37.

The Telethon is a large-scale, temporary operation that needs a great deal of energy and a flawless technical system to function. It is currently up and running from Friday morning to Sunday morning. The next challenge is to start taking calls in the 35 centres set up by Orange while maintaining rigorous operations at the same time. No other event in France has seen the likes of this system!


Handling calls: no room for error

Preparations, checks, tests: the Telethon may last only 30 hours, but it puts the teams of Orange and AFM to work a year in advance to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the event. Orange volunteer teams also have a major role to play in the Telethon, and this intense and essential synergy is crucial to its success. There is no room for error; the amount of funds raised hangs in the balance.

Behind the scenes, everything is carefully managed so that no call slips through the cracks. No pledge should be lost. When a call is received at one of the centres, if it is not picked up after a few seconds, it will automatically be switched over to a volunteer telemarketing platform. This allows the donor to provide the information required to make their donation. In the event this platform is unavailable, there is another level of backup: an interactive voice server can take over the call.

Keeping an eye on the event in real-time

In addition to the 1,300 telephone lines, Orange deploys a set of solutions that allow Telethon organisers to have a complete overview of the event in real time.

For example, each pledge centre has an interface where donation amounts are entered every half hour. This information is then used to update the counter  broadcast on live television. Through this effective and comprehensive system, we can obtain specific and regular statistical feedback on the activity of the 35 centres, ensuring a high level of organisational responsiveness throughout the event.