Our mission

Do more, do it better, do it differently: that’s what you expect for your events, and that’s exactly what we offer. Because all of your expectations are unique, we offer custom temporary solutions, based on reliable technology and designed for the conditions at your event, no matter how extreme (touring, duration, weather, etc.).

By choosing a single provider, our partners know that they can count on the solid foundation of the Orange Group’s technical expertise as well as our national and international network, local technical teams, and guaranteed data confidentiality.

We offer unrivalled responsiveness and agility thanks to our high performing network: we can act fast and provide real-time assistance. As a digital Group, we also have the resources to anticipate and activate all of the services you need for your events.o.

At Orange Events, we have a unique ability to work with event producers and help them wow their participants. Our teams are committed to providing the highest quality experience for participants, applying the Group’s latest generation services, innovation, and their own creativity to create audience engagement and enhance your customer relationships and marketing impact.

Our international services

Orange Event Solutions acts as a single-access point.

We are able to negotiate for you temporary solutions with local operators.

Feel free to reach out using our contact form or by phone +33 1 44 35 75 02

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